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Yum Audio The Grater [WiN]

Key FeaturesGrater Control lever that adds extreme compression, punch and distortion.Sharpness Control to tune Grater response.Breakup Control which adds unique errors to the compression.Three Breakup modes: Smooth, Neutral, Heavy.Compressor Input and Output gain for gain staging.Dynamic Reinject: allows to bring back the dynamic range lost during the compression.Three additional effect module:Reso Burst to create resonant filter bumps and self resonating tones.Pre Tonality to shape the tonal balance of your audio before it goes through the compressor.Slice Up module for additional clipping stage.Master Section for final polishing.Mixes well in any audio production setting, from music mixing to sound design.

Yum Audio The Grater [WiN]


Granular synthesis: This feature allows you to manipulate and transform audio files into complex and intricate soundscapesAdvanced time-stretching: You can adjust the speed of audio without affecting its pitch, making it easy to create unique sound effects and texturesBuilt-in effects: The Grater comes with a range of built-in effects, including filters, reverb, delay, and more, allowing you to customize your sound with easeIntuitive interface: The Grater's interface is easy to navigate and intuitive, making it easy to learn and useMulti-channel support: The Grater supports up to 16 channels of audio, making it an excellent choice for surround sound projects

The Grater is a versatile audio effect plugin designed by Yum Audio. It is designed to add a sense of grit, texture, and character to audio sources. The plugin features a unique interface that is both intuitive and easy to use. The Grater includes a wide range of effects, including distortion, saturation, filtering, and modulation. It also features a variety of creative tools, such as a randomizer, a pattern generator, and macro control, which allows for a wide range of sound design possibilities. The Grater is suitable for use on a wide range of audio sources, including drums, guitars, synths, and vocals. It can be used to add subtle warmth and saturation or to create more extreme effects, such as heavy distortion or glitchy modulation. You may also like Tone Empire Locness 2 Free Download

One of the unique features of The Grater is its ability to add a sense of depth and movement to the sound. It includes a variety of modulation effects, including tremolo, chorus, and phaser, which can be used to create interesting and dynamic textures. Overall, The Grater is a powerful and flexible audio effect plugin that is ideal for producers and musicians looking to add a touch of grit and character to their recordings. Its intuitive interface and creative tools make it a great choice for sound design and experimentation. 041b061a72


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