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Either the child's parent or the Gynaecologist or Pediatrician treating the child can register for receiving Vaccine Alerts by SMS and email. There is a separate menu option for one time self-registration of the parent or doctor. The child's details like name and date of birth needs to be entered and after a OTP verification by SMS (parent registration) or Email (doctor registration), a registration confirmation will be sent by SMS/email and then on automatically alerts will be sent 3 days before, 1 day before and on the due date of the vaccine.Customized Vaccine Chart and other infographics pertaining to vaccination can be downloaded or viewed by logging in using the mobile number and date of birth as username and password.

Akruti 6.0 Registration Id

The Public Register provides information about all registered physiotherapists in Ontario. We are happy to confirm the person you are looking for is a registered physiotherapist or help you find what you need. Contact the Registration Team: 1-800-583-5885 ext. 222.

* All registered physiotherapists have a set of minimum terms, conditions and limitations on their certificates of registration to ensure that they are legally able to work in Canada; that they have enough practice hours to maintain their clinical skills: and that require them to be tested periodically to ensure they understand the rules that govern practice.


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