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Best Buy Tint

I called the local Best buy for a price quote on window tint. I asked the price for a 2008 Honda accord 4 door. I was told it would cost 1 benjamin and 89 washingtons, but that right now they did not have the film to do it legally. They also said they were waiting on equipment. So i asked when they thought they would get the equipment in , and the geek squad tech told me it could be 2 weeks, or it could be 2 months. Then he asked me if I could bring the car in so he could take a look at it . WTF ? I was thinking, you dont have film or equipment, but you want to look at the car to see if you can tint it ? LMFAO. Yeah , this is gonna work real well for them . I have already tinted over 100 of the 2 door and 4 door accords from 07 to now. I dont need to look, barring the car being FUBAR. hahaha. Just thought you guys would get a kick out of this. And yes, Thanks Lu Lu. find a corporate way to devalue a already devalued product.

best buy tint


TintDepot is your one-stop eCommerce show for all your premium wholesale window tint film needs. With excellent customer service and a wide selection of professional-grade window films, you can depend on Tint Depot to help you achieve your tinting goals.

Check out our automotive tint film page to see the options we currently have in stock. We provide three different choices for overall film quality; premium, mid-grade, and economy. If you want exceptional film, choose our premium selection. These films are some of the best in the entire industry, so you can buy with confidence.

Choose from our wide selection of Window Tint Kits for an all-in-one bundle of all the tools, equipment, and supplies you need to start and finish your next tinting job in a professional manner. We carry starter kits for those who are new to the tinting world, and we also offer more extensive kits for experienced tinters who need more tools and equipment.

Our 9-piece starter kit is an excellent choice for beginners, while our 25-piece kit provides you with everything you need to start a small business. TintDepot also carries tool kits that come with non-reflective charcoal films, giving you everything you need to begin the tinting job.

We carry squeegees with handles, tube squeegees, triangular squeegees, long handle squeegees, and much more. TintDepot only carries high-quality squeegees that are trusted by window tinters across the nation, and these tools will stand the test of time.

Tint Solution Sprayers are ideal for those big commercial jobs, and they can help you get the job done quickly and easily. TintDepot offers a range of different sprayers, including 5-gallon electric sprayer systems and smaller options like the Impact Jr. Pump-Up Sprayer or the Mercury Pro. These sprayer systems help you scale up your business and handle more tinting jobs per day. They also provide more reliable, professional results.

Scrapers and razor blades are never far away during the tinting process, and TintDepot has you covered with all kinds of window scrapers to make this process easier. Invest in a professional scraping tool with an ergonomic handle, and you can exert greater control with fewer mistakes.

Choosing the right window tint solution is an important part of the window tinting process. Select the high-quality options offered by TintDepot, and you can make sure that your next tinting job will look clean and professional.

TintDepot carries Fusion All Type Mounting Solution, X-100 Application Solution, Tint Slime, Dot Devil, and many other respected name brands. Load up on a large supply for your tinting business and equip yourself for thousands of tinting jobs in the future.

Shop our wide selection of tools, squeegees, and residential window films to get everything you need for the job ahead. Check out our window tinting kits as well for a convenient bundle of helpful tools and supplies.

TintDepot is your one-stop eCommerce shop. We fulfill premium, wholesale window tint film needs. With excellent customer service and a wide selection of professional-grade window films, you can depend on Tint Depot to help you achieve your tinting goals.

  • This includes the following full set of windows for your Ford F-100 truck years 1951 and 52: 2 vents, 2 sides, 1 back, 1 windshield. Call for choice of clear... --> Share it

Description This includes the following full set of windows for your Ford F-100 truck years 1951 and 52: 2 vents, 2 sides, 1 back, 1 windshield. Call for choice of clear or green factory tint for the windshield. Windshields only come in laminated glass.

It depends on your personal needs. Some people require heavily tinted lenses, in yellow, orange or red, which can block anywhere from 50 to 100 percent of blue light. However, there are limitations to who should use these tints, how long you should wear them, and where you should wear them.

How tinted your glasses should be is something that can be assessed by your eye care provider, says Dr. Crews, but in general, people who may benefit from blue light glasses would be those who spend lots of time on screens and suffer from eye strain, headaches, light sensitivity, or insomnia.

Ultralight formula fresh tint for face that give a complexion a radiant healthy glow. It is full hydrating and instantly refreshing and the pigments melt into the skin on contact creating a radiant bare skin effect.

Searching for the best ski goggles? Our experts have tested 35+ pairs on snow over the last 9 years. For this update, we bought and assessed 17 top models side by side. Our team spent countless hours skiing at resorts and the backcountry of the Lake Tahoe area to put each contender through its paces. The variable Sierra Nevada weather allows us to test these goggles in a full range of conditions, from blinding bluebird days to whiteout snowstorms and even rain. Our experts evaluated the ventilation systems, optical quality, and comfort while taking laps at the resort and in the wild. Whether you seek exceptional value, all-around performance, or just the trendiest style, our comparative review can help you find the perfect goggles.

The Squad isn't the flashiest goggle out there, sporting a more classic shape and style with less modern flair than other models. The ChromaPop lens enhances colors while remaining accurate but has limited versatility to be used in lower light conditions. Changing lenses with this model is best done at the house as it's more arduous than the magnetic systems. This is the standard for this price point of goggles, and saving money can help most folks overcome these drawbacks. If the best value is what you seek, then look no further than the Smith Squad.

The Anon M4 Toric goggle is outstanding, and the performance scores reflect that. This model is best suited for individuals with a larger facial structure. We recommend considering this model if you have a rather large mug or find goggles to fit a little small on you. The M4 has the most effortless lens-swapping capabilities, featuring secure magnetic attachments that allow the lenses to be interchanged in seconds. Along with the extra lens, Anon ships these goggles with a face covering with magnets inside, allowing it to snap into and stay in place quickly. The lenses are built to last, and their quality leaves nothing to be desired. 041b061a72


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